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External Seal Installation
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Automated Industrial Systems Inc. (AIS) was founded in 1977 as a custom machine builder. Shortly after its founding, AIS saw the need for a faster, more reliable method of installing external O-rings onto a variety of parts.

Our first ASP O-ring machines were manufactured in 1978, and since that time AIS has continued to develop the technology needed to install O-rings in a production environment. In the last two decades, the ASP series of O-ring installation machines have become the accepted method of O-ring installation at most major manufacturers. Over 1,200 machines have been produced.

The ASP machines are available in a variety of models and sizes for many applications. Some of the major benefits of the machine are:

Speed - A single operator can normally achieve rates of over 50 installations per minute. This has proven to be several times faster than the manual methods traditionally used in many plants.

Flexibility - A single machine can be provided with extra tooling to run a variety of parts and O-rings. Tooling change is simple and can be accomplished in minutes.

Reliability - AIS's O-ring installation machines have proven to be low maintenance, highly reliable production equipment. The majority of machines manufactured twenty years ago are still in production. An extensive user list is available from AIS.

Quality - Because the O-ring is slid onto the part and is never twisted or rolled, no damage to the O-ring can occur.

Ergonomic - The machine is designed to use a minimum of operator force and movement.

Automation - With the addition of standard automation modules, the ASP machines can be easily integrated into existing production lines or onto completely automatic assembly machines. We have a long history of successfully working with many major assembly machine manufacturers.

Up to 6 times faster than hand assembly...

o-ring assembly
...with the ASP-1 O-Ring Installation Machine

ASP-1 O-Ring Installation Machine

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