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Contract Assembly Services

Vertical Placement Module
Vertical Placement Module
Vertical Placement Module

If your production requirements do not justify new installation equipment or if occasional demands exceed existing manufacturing capabilities, AIS offers complete O-ring, seal, and retaining ring assembly services. With dedicated contract assembly equipment in our factory, we can quickly and effectively respond to your needs.

  • Contract assembly of O-rings, Quad Rings, Lipseals, Teflon Seals, Cup Seals, Flat Seals, Composite Seals, Square Seals, Retaining Rings, Snap Rings
  • Both External and Internal Applications
  • Accurate Seal and Ring Placements
  • Eliminate Quality Problems
  • Reduce Production Cost
  • Reduce Capital Investment
  • To find out if out-sourcing may be more effective than doing it yourself, contact AIS – your single source solution for complete seal and ring assembly services.

  • Click here for the printable information sheet.

Contract Assembly Services Sheet

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